A little Doula 

A little doula is dedicated to the highest quality of birth and maternity support, delivered with thoughtfulness, understanding, and care. 

About Me

I am a 24-year-old mother of one incredible little girl. My daughter came into this world as a surprise and gift. She changed how I saw myself, my future, and the world around me.


I was a veterinary nurse before I became a mother. I was passionate about medicine and attended Keiser University's nursing program to further my education. My goal in life was to become a nurse practitioner. When I became pregnant, I threw myself into pregnancy, birth, and postpartum research and found myself only asking more questions.  I felt scared and confused and often unsafe in my body. I thought I couldn't do what my body was designed for.


  I still remember wishing I had someone who could help guide me and give me some support or answers to all the questions a new mother has. I felt a lot of anger and frustration at the lack of knowledge given to new mothers.  

At the time of my birth, I expressed my anger and frustration to the team of people attending me. I was so nervous they would continue the cycle of dismissal, but instead was met with a group of people who gave their total effort. They guided me through my labor and focused on my needs. They did not allow me to be fearful. They fought WITH me, which is a much better feeling than if they had fought for me as I simultaneously felt control, peace, and comfort. 


Following this experience, I vowed to help other women. To give them strength and confidence in this time of vulnerability. To be the person in the birth that helps provide them with power and comfort. To help them find their voice and bring them closer to the birth of their dreams. 

Kamryn Satterwhite